by On Delay

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Album Title: Jagannath

Recorded at Ohm recording Studios. Austin, Texas. Earth
Recording Engineer/ Production: Chico Jones
Mastering: Max Lorenzen

Eric Elledge- Bass/ Vocals
Dieter Geisler- Guitar/ Vocals/ Keyboards
Gonzalo Ramos- Drums/ Percussion
Paul Shelton- Guitar

Additional Instrumentation, Keyboards, Effects and Vocals: Chico Jones
Lyrics: Dieter Geisler
Guest Vocals on Currency: Ryan Collins, Evy Adamson , Jordan Cope, Justin Stigall, Andy Sadler, Erin Frazier, Eric Elledge*.

Cover Art: Robert Hruska
Album Design: Dieter Geisler


Copyright 2016


released November 4, 2016



all rights reserved


On Delay Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Systems
V1: Here I am standing,
Fear walks this way,
I’ll stay here and wait,
And feel the pain go warm ,
Breathing softly,

In tune with it all,
The space between my eyes,
Still feeling Alive,
Fear comes my way,
I'll face it,

Look down into the bay,
See the whirl of you whirling by,
Question who I think I am,
Pierce the past of who I was.


Tether a tight rope,
Still the walk with sway,
Head towards the pain,
Sculpt the mud to clay,

Steal the moment away,
Time flows to space,
Straight from the rat race,
Track Name: Do What You Want To
Do what you want to,
Spare the rest for now,
Do what you want to,
See what grace allows,

Say what you want to,
See the glass to fill,

Stay where you want to,
Sit and stay around,

Time makes us Realize,
Absurdities of our lives,

Walk and Talk my way,
Doing what I say,

I’m walking down this hole,
I’m wasted through this lull,

Seeing what I am,
Water through the sand,

Mirror of the world,
Reflection I have hurled,

I’m waiting in this hole,
Still wandering,
I’m not sold.

I’m tumbling through this mold,
I’m wasting precious time gold,
Track Name: Alpine
Pick apart the parts of Time,
Will you see that it’s a waste,
Walking down these halls of mine,
Time will surely show its face,

Will peace come with time,
Why do I have to waste it all,

Oh these racing thoughts of mine,
How I try to make much haste,
Feel the warmth left inside,
See how you carry pain on your face,

Will pleasure come with time,
Will I put off peace again,
Will I have an open mind,
or will i get stuck in a mind spin,

Run, Run, Run way from it,
Or Face the Rest and rise,
Breathe it all inside,
See the walls that confine,
Track Name: Balladyl
Hiding behind the Mask,
Waiting to Unwind,
Putting off the change,
Looking for a Sign,

Oh it's worth the wait,
I tell you now,
Soon you can relate and skate the line,

Oh the Diamond Days,
I wished the time away,
For Right Now,
Right Now,

Tearing off the case,
Writhing through the spine,
And Comfort is the way,
Truth be told to my heart,

Oh it seems to late,
But is it now?
It's only just a fake to not be kind,

Oh these dragging ways,
Habits fill the days,
For Right Now,

Step in hot rocks and stay away,
Set to cruise yourself to another state,
Go to Hell and Stomp Your Fate,
See the Judge As A Crooked Fake,

I know,
I am,
I'll Swim,
My Way,


Oh the Diamond Days,
I wished the time away,
Oh these Dragging Ways,
Habits Fill the Days,

Oh Anger.....

I made a mistake,
I made a mistake,
I made a mistake,
Went on high stakes,
We made an earthquake,
I made a mistake,
I made a mistake,
Track Name: Currency

With these buildings burning down,
Don’t wait,
Go forward

As you’re walking by my side,
I’ll save,
you from boredom.


With all this strength,
You’ll think I’m right,
But wait for warnings,

From these pillars,
Smoke Subsides,
We’ll face the storming.


Tired of this violent claim to space,
I’ll spear these monsters,

Will we rise against a state,
or fail our future ?


Withered Dreaming fades in time,
Who will be a savior?

The peaks and valleys come in stride,
Level the playing field

Violent actions fuel the kings,
They’ll take us on the deal

Without Roman Rule,

Without Roman Rule,
Track Name: Eden

Sleeping, Waking, Whole,
Still weight on my soul,
while we stand still,
she goes to heaven,


Sleeping, raving, bold,
Still waiting on my toll,
While we stand still,
She goes to hell,


Walking and talking,
Down this stream I swim,
Down in the basement,
in the dark I see,
This feeling it strikes me,
Still warm ( ah ah ah oh oh )

Here in the garden,
Walking down this trail,
I want to face it,
Here and now I wait,
This apple it tempts me,
some warnings ( yeah yeah yeah )

( Screams )


Down in the ocean,
It’s either sink or swim,
I’m getting angry with this secret talk,
This feeling it strikes me,
Still warm,
( ah ah ah oh oh )

Drowning this feeling,
letting it sink in,
I feel it releasing
let the apple fall,

The snake can tempt me,
It warns, yea yea yea!